How do I ask a question?

Simply type your question into the text box and hit ‘Ask’! Take a look at the following video to see how it works…

What is the Create button for?

AI Seek now has the ability to give you AI generated images based on prompts you give it. Simply type in what you want to see and hit ‘Create’. You could ask to see, for example, cats playing basketball, or the New York skyline in the style of Picasso, or a watercolour painting of some purple bananas – whatever your imagination can come up with! The images that are generated by AI Seek only stay available for an hour, so when you are happy with your creation make sure to save your image to your device.

Can AI Seek give me up-to-date information?

AI Seek has the ability to access the internet and give current information on what you’re searching for. You can give it a helping hand to let it know you need the most up-to-date information by using key words such as ‘current’, ‘today’, ‘2024’ etc.

Can AI Seek show me pictures or videos?

Yes, AI seek can search the internet for pictures and videos that you ask it for – simply ask for pictures/photos/images/videos of what you’re looking for and hit ‘Ask’. You could ask for a video of someone changing a tire, or photos of a rare type of bird, and you’ll be given a selection which matches what you’re after.

Can I share my AI Seek results?

Yes, you can! On your results page, just press the share button in the top right-hand corner to easily share with others on whichever platform you choose.

What are the links in my results?

AI Seek searches for entities in its search results, such as people, places, song titles, companies, etc. Once an entity is found, AI Seek creates a link for it which leads directly to the Wikipedia page for the entity. This allows you to easily click the link and be directed to the Wikipedia page for further reading.

What are the buttons under my result?

The buttons are different entities that AI Seek has picked out of your response that it thinks you may wish to find out more about. Press them to explore the entity in the context of your original prompt.

What is the ‘Ask More About’ text box under my result?

You can use the Ask More About function to find out more about something you have seen in the response. You can also use it to refine the response – for example, use it to ask for the information you’ve been given in a more simple or detailed format, or in a table.

Can I see my previous results?

Yes! You can easily see all of your past results by pressing the ‘History’ tab in the bottom menu.

Can I delete previous results?

Absolutely – on the ‘History’ page, clicking the trashcan icon in the top right will completely erase all of your search history (don’t worry, it asks if you’re sure!) Alternatively, you can delete individual results by swiping right on the search you wish to delete.

How do I connect to the Desktop App?

Go to https://desktop.aiseek.ai/. In the ‘Settings’ tab on the bottom menu in your mobile app, you will see ‘Linked Devices’. Click ‘Link New Device’, scan the QR page on the browser, and you’re ready to go. Please note, use of the desktop version relies on you having an active in-app subscription. See this video for a walkthrough:

How do I ask a question/generate an image?

This works exactly the same at it does in your mobile app – simply type what you need into the text box and hit ‘Ask’ or ‘Create’!

Can I see my previous results?

Click the ‘History’ button at the top right of your screen and your previous results will appear on the left-hand side. You can also delete all of your results or individual ones from here.

What can I do with my results?

You can easily export your results to .pdf, .docx, or .txt format, or simply copy the entire result, using the buttons on the top of your result page.

How do I disconnect from the Desktop App?

You can do this from the browser by hitting the “Logout” button in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can see all of your browser sessions in the ‘Linked Devices’ page in the app, and can remove any browser sessions directly from there.

What can I do to get the best response to my prompt?

To get the best response, the most important thing is to be specific about what you want. It’s AI, it’s not a mind reader!

Think of AI Seek like a taxi driver, and you’re the passenger telling them where you want to go – if you just say “downtown,” they’ll take you there, but maybe not exactly where you want. To get to the right place, you need to be specific about where you want to go.

  • Clearly express what you want from AI Seek. For example, “Write a brief summary of climate change” is more effective than “Tell me about global warming.”
  • Provide context or specify the format you want. For instance, “In 200 words, explain the theory of relativity” or “Where will the 2024 Eurovision song contest be held” or “Give me a step-by-step guide on baking chocolate chip cookies”
  • If you want a more detailed response, ask open-ended questions like “Explain the impact of artificial intelligence on society.”
  • If the initial response is not what you’re looking for, feel free to use the Ask More About tool to refine your prompt.


What should I do if the response is not what I expected?

If AI Seek’s response is not what you expected, you can use the Ask More About tool to either give it more information, or ask for it in a different format. For example, if you have asked about Oscar winners, you can specify here that you meant just from 2023, or if you’ve asked about London and it’s given you facts about London UK, you can specify that you meant London Ontario.

Remember you can always go back and just ask the question again. Crafting effective prompts often requires some trial and error. Experiment with different phrasings, levels of detail, and context until you achieve the results you want. AI Seek is a powerful tool that can be customized to suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to explore and fine-tune your prompts – part of the fun is learning how AI Seek best understands you!

How do I control the tone and style of the responses?

You can control the tone and style or what you get back by specifying your expectations in the prompt. For example, you can say, “Write a formal essay on climate change,” or “Give me a playful poem about cats.”

Can AI Seek show me videos and images?

Yes, our latest update has introduced both images and videos! Try asking it to show you some photos of daschund puppies, or ask for a video guide of how to bake sourdough.

Can AI Seek understand multi-part prompts?

Absolutely! You can provide a series of related questions or instructions in one prompt, and AI Seek will respond accordingly. For example, “Explain the greenhouse effect. Then, discuss its implications on climate change.”

Can I use AI Seek to generate code or programming-related content?

Yes, you can absolutely use AI Seek for code-related tasks. Be sure to specify the programming language and context to receive accurate and helpful code snippets.

Creating an image with AI is similar to creating text – the more clear you are about what you want, the better the result.

  • Use specific terms to describe the features or attributes you want to see in the generated image. Instead of asking for ‘a tree’, you could ask for ‘a cherry blossom tree with a twisted trunk’.
  • If you want the image to be in a certain style make sure to include this in your prompt, for example ‘A watercolour of the New York skyline’, ‘A cartoon dog playing fetch’, ‘The Eiffel tower in the style of Picasso’, or ‘A couple having dinner similar to a scene from a romantic film’.
  • The more detailed the prompt for AI Seeks image generation the clearer and more precise the generated image will be. Be clear about every part of your picture, how it looks and how the picture feels – everything you would consider if you drew it yourself. Use descriptive words like spooky, glowing, sparkly, or describer the lighting you want the image to have.
  • Think about the perspective you want the image to be from. Do you want it to be a bird’s-eye view or a close-up?
  • Background also plays an important part in creating a great image. Describe the background you require for better images from AI Seek.


If you want to adjust something in your image after its generation, use the Ask More About box to do this. If you have an image of a black cat for example, type “make the cat white” in the box and hit ‘Create’!

The images that are generated by AI Seek only stay available for an hour, so when you are happy with your creation make sure to save your image to your device.

What data does AI Seek store?

AI Seek does not collect, store or pass on any personal data from users of our app.

What subscriptions do you offer?

We currently offer a monthly subscription, please see the App Store/Google Play Store for current pricing.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe directly through the app. Once you download AI Seek, if you don’t have an active subscription, you will be prompted to set one up.

How do I view/manage/cancel my subscription?

On Android: Open the Google Play Store, tap the icon in the top-right corner, select “Payments and subscriptions,” then “Subscriptions”, and then choose AI Seek from the list.

On Apple devices: Open the settings app, select your name at the top, tap “Subscriptions,” and choose AI Seek from the list.

Can I access my subscription on multiple devices?

Yes you can! the app can be used across any devices using the same App Store or Google Play Store ID. Simply use the “Restore Purchase” button when you open the app and it prompts you to subscribe.

What is the monthly allowance and what happens when I ‘top up’?

Your monthly allowance is the amount of tokens we include in your monthly subscription cost. These tokens are used in both text searches and image generation. The longer and more complex your question is can affect the amount of tokens used, as can the need to use up-to-date information.

Your monthly allowance will reset each month on the date of your subscription renewal. In the event you do run out of tokens, you can purchase an extra pack on the app. Any extra tokens that you purchase that remain unused will roll across indefinitely.

If you need more support, please contact us at support@ethicalweb.ai